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This Father's Day you will get a FREE magnetic belt clip with the purchase of any of our Rigel II Magnetic Tactical Lights

Rigel II-M: 1100 Lumen Magnetic Light Kit for M-lok Rails

Add a light to your rifle instantly when you need one, take it off when you don't.

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Add versatility and convenience to your shooting experience without compromising on security and accuracy.

Lab tested by Steiner Optics & Field tested by Huntsman Optics

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High Grade Neodymium Magnets

Our patent pending mounting system removes the hassle of attaching and detaching accessories to your tactical rifle through the ease of Neodymium magnets.

  • Instant
  • Secure
  • Self-zeroing

  • Tactically Innovative!!

    I saw this product at the Mountain States SWAT Training and Competition. It was the one product that “Wowed” me. I purchased one at the competition for myself and then have been purchasing them for our department. Tactically, it’s one of the most innovative products I’ve seen in Law Enforcement. The transition from weapon setup to vest setup and the versatility to use in so many situations is truly incredible. I will be using this product for personal and professional use for years to come.

    Buck Bufton, Summit County SWAT

    Just received my first of what will be many shipments from magne-tech. The engineering and quality on this product second to none. Used it for the first time on my new SSCA .223 it was awesome. Torch had great throw and magnet didn't move once. Next order will be on the helmet system and waiting for new release of picatinny mount.

    Travis S.

    Got a set of the GoPro mounts for some off-road and Racing use. They hold up great and have never fallen off, even after hitting some jumps and bumps. Very easy to move your camera around to get different angles as well!

    Andrew Z.

    I’ve been using their equipment for a while now, and I’ve dropped it multiple times. The magnet is very strong I highly recommend it.

    Braden M.

    I absolutely love this light. It is incredible bright and functions in a very user friendly way but what sets it apart from all other lights on the market is the magnetic mounting. This allows the light to be used on so many new ways. My primary use is the m-lok weapon mount but i also have the mollie mount for my bags. In addition i can snap it to any metal components of my vehicle when working in the shop. Gives me a lot of peace of mind having this in my home as i will never again be in a position where i cannot see my surroundings regardless of what unexpected situations are thrown my way. Thank you Magne-Tech - you should be proud!

    David V.

    I have used this product for around a month now, and I am very satisfied with the quality of all components in the set. The product gives a good first impression with nice packaging, and you can feel that this is good quality when you take it out of the box. I've given the product a lot of beating but can't seem to break it. Engineering at its best! Greetings from a very satisfied Norwegian!

    John O.