Who are we?

Magne-Tech is a family owned and opperated business located in Utah - the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Magne-Tech was founded by former US Air Force F-16 Structural Engineer and entrepreneur Joel Jacobson.  It all began with a friendly conversation on a warm summer night about mounting options available at the time for AR accessories.

Since then we have been working non-stop to develop a convenient and reliable magnetic mounting system for accessories that can not only withstand the recoil forces of shooting but also aggressive impact forces and stay put.

Once a working prototype was developed for a flashlight, we began to see other applications where a magnetic mounting system like ours would be useful.

The flashlights in our kits were designed from the ground up using the latest in driver, power, and reflector technology.  Once you become a part of the Magne-Tech family, you'll be able to stick it where you want it.


CAGE Code: 9R3U6




The inspiration for a magnetic mounting system like ours came from the cumbersome task of mounting & unmounting different accessories to an assault riffle using hardware and tools.  We wanted to develop a more modular way of attaching accessories and optics to a rifle that would be able to withstand recoil and be self-zeroing.



The Magne-Tech system has been thoroughly tested over the past three years to ensure wear and robustness with over 3000 sticks and counting.



Magnetic lights and other accessories can be quickly attached and detached at any time including in low-light environments without compromising directional accuracy; and best of all - no tools are needed.

How does it work?

  1. Install one of our male mounts (helmet mount, rifle rail mount, flat mount, etc.)
  2. Instantly stick on any of our accessories or mounts for accessories (Female Mount)

The system requires both male and female mounts to work properly.  The animation below illustrates how this action can be achieved using our M-lok rail mount and Rigel II.