Question & Answer

Up to 40 lbs in the vertical position

No, the weapon mount has a male feature that prevents it from sitting flat on a flat surface.

While it is possible, it would require a large force to break the magnetic bond.  Most “bumps” are not strong enough to break this bond.

Yes, check out our locking mounts

1100 lumens on high

No, the light is simply notifying you that your battery cannot support that mode much longer.  Either change to a lower output mode or recharge the battery.

1.5 hours on high and up to 1500 hours on “Moon Beam” mode (.1% - 1 lumen)

Mode group 12 is for you.  See your instruction manual for programming steps.

A single mount set is within 1.0 MOA

Two mount sets is within 0.5 MOA

Optics (one locking & one non-locking mount sets): Up to .308 Win (i.e. free recoil energy of 18.27 ft-lb).

Light (non-locking mount set): Up to .338 Lapua Magnum (i.e. free recoil energy of 37.7 ft-lb).

We are developing a pressure switch solution and are hopeful to have one available by 2025.