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Locking Magnetic Optic Mount Set

Locking Magnetic Optic Mount Set

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This is a universal picatinny mount set that allows the user the ability to instantly attach or detach any accessory, optic, or scope*** with a picatinny attaching mount to a picatinny rail and maintain zero**.  The locking mechanism is dual-redundant and secures the accessory against inadvertent detachment.

These rugged mounts are machined out of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and MIL-A-8625 Type III (hard coat) anodized for an optimized balance of wear, strength, and mass.

This set raises the optic 0.8 inches above the original picatinny rail.

**Zero shift is accurate and repeatable to within 1.0 MOA (single mount set) and 0.50 MOA (two mount sets).

***Two sets are recommended for optics heavier than 6 oz and taller than 2 inches.

Lab testing by Steiner Optics showed that the optic maintained zero AND re-zeroed after over 1100 rounds of simulated, over pressurized 5.56 recoil.


  • Magnetic Picatinny Accessory Mount (Female)
  • Locking Magnetic Picatinny Rail Mount (Male)
  • Hardware
  • Hex Key


  • Torque to 20 in-lb

Patent Pending

 Engineered in the US

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Buck Bufton
Interchangeable Optics

For the gun guys that like to change out optics for different types of shooting, such as recreational and competitive. This is a great setup. It holds zero and keeps the optic in place!!

Thanks for the feedback Buck

Jordan Pope-Studstill

Joel is an awesome guy, and he developed a very innovative product that solves a lot of problems. Whether you're LE, military, competitive shooter, hunter, civilian, or a mix, this system allows you to expand the possible builds you can make. This allows you to turn any long gun into a modular platform via attachments and scopes. You could have a modular pack for a mission or patrol, options on your hunting trip, truly modular gun set up, or you just want to flex at the range, this is for you.You can change any sight or attachments on this system one at a time in 10 secs without any tools [Just your thumb lol]. This leads to more adaptability and a truly liberating your gun experience. If you go shooting with a group & everyone invested in these, you could swap scopes or attachments and test them on your own weapons. I will be building my next gun projects off this system. Once you see how it works in person, you won't walk away without buying it. I'll be getting the light here shortly also.

Thanks for the positive review and kind words Jordan. I am happy you are enjoying the product and see the potential.

Best wishes!

Over all sturdy and functional

Got to say not only is the product it’s self is built to last, customer service is outstanding! It is very nice to switch out different optics on a whim. From scope to red dot still remains zero! The Only thing Im still trying to figure out is how to co-witness with iron sights? Over all this company is leading in the field with magnetic optic technology!

Thanks for the positive review Ryan! It means a lot to hear that one of our first users of the optic mount sets loves it.

As for your co-witnessing issue, the only way to co-witness is if the two sets of sights are at the same height. But as long as you are accurate with both sets separately, there should be no requirement for them to co-witness other than it would be nice. :)
Feel free to reach out with an email and we can chat more about it if you like.