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Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set

Magnetic Magazine Coupling Set

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With this set, you will be able to instantly couple your magazines together or separate them.

Invert them or keep them the same orientation.  Either way, it makes for a quick magazine rotation OR a nice grab-n-go setup, and provides a unique shooting experience.

These magnets together create a clamping force of up to 20 lbs.  The VHB (double-sided tape) will still adhere with textured mags.  Just clean with alcohol prior to installation.

*This set only works with high capacity magazines (i.e. 30+ rounds .223/5.56)


  • Plastic Magne-Tech Male Flat Mount
  • Plastic Magne-Tech Female Flat Mount
  • 2 x Strips 3M Double-Sided Tape (1.0 x 3.6")

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